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Richard Wolfe & Stephen Barnett
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Kiwiana is an essential guide for both New Zealanders and overseas visitors, identifying and celebrating some of the more colourful and durable aspects of this country’s popular culture. Known as Kiwiana, these are characterful objects and customs that define the New Zealand way of life. They have become distinctive to this country, frequently illustrating a response to its climate, geography and location in the southwest corner of the Pacific.

Some of these examples of Kiwiana had their origins in the nineteenth century and others emerged more recently, while most reflected the development of a local ingenuity, an uncanny ability to ‘make do’. With the growth of international travel and trade in the late twentieth century, many distinctive features of the New Zealand way of life became increasingly vulnerable in the face of overseas influences. This collection therefore celebrates some of the more hardy examples of Kiwiana, those classics that have endured over the years, while also acknowledging a nostalgia for the recent past, a period recalled with amusement and affection. At the same time, these so-called icons of Kiwiana will be of interest to overseas visitors, representing a quirky and colourful resource unique to New Zealand, and is priced as an ideal keepsake from their visit.

Author: Richard Wolfe & Stephen Barnett
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780947503512
Pages: 96
Published: November 2017
Size: 210 x 210 mm

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