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Richard Wolfe

RICHARD WOLFE’s engagement with Kiwiana dates back to the early 1970s, when he became interested in the distinctive features of New Zealand’s popular culture and way of life. This led to several publications, including the first book on Kiwiana in 1999, co-authored with Stephen Barnett. As curator of display at Auckland War Memorial Museum (1977–97) and display artist at Canterbury Museum (1973–76), Richard was involved in a wide range of exhibitions dealing with aspects of New Zealand art and culture. In particular, Richard was co-curator of the first major exhibition of Kiwiana, held at Auckland Museum in 1990. Since 1997, Richard has been a freelance writer and exhibition curator, and occasional lecturer in art history at the University of Auckland. He has written or co-authored 38 books covering aspects of New Zealand art, history and popular culture. Richard has also contributed over 50 articles to the quarterly Art New Zealand, as well as articles to other journals. In addition to writing and researching, Richard enjoys reading, listening to music and making things in his home workshop.

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