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Tramping – A New Zealand History will strike a deep chord with the countless New Zealanders, and overseas visitors, who treasure the experience of pulling on their boots, putting a pack on their back and heading into the bush or the mouuntains in search of inspiration, rejuvenation and peace.


A New Zealand history
Shaun Barnett & Chris Maclean
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Tramping: A New Zealand history tells the story of the development of tramping in New Zealand, tracing its origins to the way Maori and early Europeans engaged with the sometimes forbidding New Zealand mountains and bush. It describes how state-sponsored tracks and huts were developed for tourism in the late nineteenth century, most notably on the Milford Track, described as ‘the finest walk in the world’.

As a growing number of New Zealanders began to explore the outdoors, the first tramping clubs were formed in the early twentieth century, with a subsequent boom in tramping during the 1930s. The growth of an extensive hut and track network in the 1950s and ’60s saw New Zealand become one of the best-developed countries in the world for hiking. Trampers’ battles to have national parks and wilderness areas established, changes to gear and technology, and the role women have played in tramping are additional themes.

Shaun Barnett and Chris Maclean are experienced trampers and respected back-country historians who have worked together to tell the fascinating story of tramping in New Zealand. While tramping guidebooks and club histories abound, this wider story has never been told before. Tramping: A New Zealand history will appeal to all trampers, and anyone with an interest in the outdoors and history.

Author: Shaun Barnett & Chris Maclean
Format: Hardback PLC with dustjacket
ISBN: 9781927213230
Pages: 368
Published: Oct 2014
Size: 265 x 215 mm

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