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The Fitness Attitude

Learn to love keeping fit
Bevan James Eyles
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Since he started his career in 1999, world-leading fitness professional Bevan James Eyles has been driven by one question: ‘What is it that motivates people to develop a long-term love of fitness and how can we teach that to others?’ This question led him to discover that success with fitness isn’t about a certain exercise or diet plan, but about attitude and behaviour patterns. The people who have a long-term love of fitness have figured out what these behaviours are and know how to use them to their advantage.

In The Fitness Attitude, Bevan shares those lessons with his readers and provides them with a toolbox of strategies that can be used to implement successful fitness behaviours. These range from different ways to motivate yourself, ideas on how to positively enhance your environment, strategies to deal with setbacks, and ways to plan and set goals. Always practical, and full of many examples of Bevan’s personal experience, The Fitness Attitude is essential reading for those who want to be successful with exercise, to gain a deeper understanding of the behaviours that create this success, and to enjoy the contribution that exercise can make to a healthy and happy life.

Author: Bevan James Eyles
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781927213100
Pages: 126
Published: Aug 2014
Size: 235 x 135 mm

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