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Kahurangi Stories

More tales from Northwest Nelson
Gerard Hindmarsh
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Building on the success of Kahurangi Calling, this new volume of stories from the Northwest Nelson backcountry, is a compelling blend of natural and social history. An area of astonishing ecological complexity, the area has generated a wonderfully rich and colourful human history. Gerard Hindmarsh tells the stories of the fascinating characters who have travelled and lived here, including early explorers, gold miners, flying crayfishers, early forest rangers, trampers and other adventurers. His stories are skillfully told and woven into the natural history of this captivating region, including geological, botanical and ecological treasures. For anyone who enjoys stories of New Zealand’s backcountry, or social history, this new title is a must-read.

Author: Gerard Hindmarsh
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780947503420
Pages: 256
Published: October 2017
Size: 226 x 170 mm

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