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Andris Apse
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Potton & Burton no longer distribute this book. To purchase copies email andrisapse@gmail.com.

It was because of Fiordland that Andris Apse became a photographer. Back in the 1960s, when he was 21 years old he first tramped through the Stuart Mountains and ‘discovered’ Fiordland. Andris was overwhelmed by the majestic scenery but was also frustrated by his inability to communicate his wonder at the place. So he learned to take photographs, and Fiordland quickly became his great photographic passion. And now, aged 72, with 50 years of professional photography behind him, and over 500 nights spent living in the most remote parts of this majestic wilderness, Andris has completed a full circle. Fiordland is a master-work, a remarkable collection of photographs, that in stunning style, pays homage to the place of his early and greatest inspiration.

Author: Andris Apse
Format: Std Hardback with French-fold jacket ~ Dlx limited edition of 500 signed copies, clothbound in presentation slipcase
ISBN: Std 9780947503161 ~ Dlx 9780947503178
Pages: 152
Published: September 2016
Size: 272 x 382 mm

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