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Fighters & Bombers

Air-to-air photo flights are never easy. Usually they involve the camera plane flying as fast as it can, with a WWII fighter or bomber flying alongside as slow as it can, so a great deal of skill and determination is required by everyone involved in order to obtain photographs.

Fighters & Bombers

Gavin Conroy
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Fighters and Bombers follows on from Gavin Conroy’s earlier book Precious Metal. Where the first book focused on WWII fighter planes that were either restored or based in New Zealand, Fighters and Bombers contains WWII bombers and includes other aircraft photographed air-to-air in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Some of the aircraft found in Fighters and Bombers are the only ones of their type flying in the world, such as the Lockheed Hudson, the only military-configured Mk 1 Avo Anson, and one of only two
air-worthy De Havilland Mosquitos. Two of the earliest jet fighters – the Me262 and the Gloster Meteor – are also included.

Along with air-to-air photography, images of the engines, instrument panels and other key areas of the aircraft type are included.

Fighters and Bombers also contains texts from more than twenty of the best WWII display pilots in the world, describing what it is like to fly these classic fighters and bombers.

Author: Gavin Conroy
Format: Hardback with dustjacket
ISBN: 9781927213551
Pages: 255
Published: November 2015
Size: 235 x 340 mm

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