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Selling the Dream

The Art of Early New Zealand Tourism
Peter Alsop, Gary Stewart, Dave Bamford
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Selling the Dream is a stunning new book that celebrates the posters, brochures and magazines that were used to promote New Zealand tourism before 1960.

In recent years New Zealand tourism posters and ephemera have become extremely collectable, as people have realised what an enormous contribution this visual material has made to our art and design story, and to shaping out national identity.

This book is the first serious survey of this material, presented in a large-format, 400 page book, with close to 1000 remarkable images. Much of the material presented in Selling the Dream is from private collections, and has not been published since its initial use. Accompanying the illustrations are a series of short essays that explore and explain the context and history of tourism publicity.

This is a very significant book about New Zealand culture, a feel-good experience that will not only let the reader reminisce about this wonderful country, but also inspire them to plan their next adventure.

Author: Peter Alsop, Gary Stewart, Dave Bamford
Format: Hardback with jacket
ISBN: 9781877517778
Pages: 408
Published: 2012
Size: 300 x 230 mm

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