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WONDERLAND – Release October 2020

Whites Aviation hand-coloured photos revisited

 Wellington author and collector Peter Alsop would have to be one of New Zealand’s most prolific authors. Since 2013 he has produced a steady stream of glorious, usually large, heavily illustrated books on mid-century New Zealand art and design. These are all done in his spare time, quite apart from his day job as a senior executive in the public sector. It’s an impressive output. In 2016, Potton & Burton published Peter’s Hand-Coloured New Zealand: The Photographs of Whites Aviation, a tribute to the highly collectible, hand-coloured landscape photographs of New Zealand that were hugely popular in the 1950s through to the 1970s. This book was an immediate hit, and quickly sold out.
This year we are in the middle of preparing a new book, Wonderland, featuring many of the photos from the first book, but in a smaller, more accessible format – we believe these photographs deserve a second airing. Arranged geographically, these photos cover from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island.  

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