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We’ve changed our name

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Craig Potton Publishing becomes Potton & Burton

On 6 March Craig Potton Publishing is changing its name to Potton & Burton, a move designed to reflect the increasingly diverse range of New Zealand books we publish.

Publisher and co-owner Robbie Burton commented, ‘The Craig Potton Publishing imprint has served us brilliantly for over 25 years, but in recent years it has become apparent that our name is associated with a narrow range of books, in particular photographic, environmental and outdoor books. The reality however, is that our publishing programme covers far more – everything from natural history, contemporary issues, art and culture, biography, history and children’s books. The new name, Potton & Burton, gives us a chance to communicate to the book industry and the wider public that we are totally committed to publishing the widest range of high-quality New Zealand non-fiction, and to not be limited by previous perceptions.’

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