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Managing Pests and Diseases

A handbook for New Zealand gardeners
Rob Lucas
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Managing Pests and Diseases: A Handbook for New Zealand Gardeners is an expanded and revised edition of Rob Lucas's successful publication What's That Pest? With over 700 high-quality photographs, it provides New Zealand gardeners and horticulturists with a simple, comprehensive, easily used reference guide to pest identification and control.

The book covers all the main pests and diseases of garden plants and nursery crops, including bedding plants, house plants, vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs. It also includes many beneficial insects – the predators and parasites that hunt and kill plant pests.

Rob Lucas actively promotes a holistic approach to pest control and stresses appropriate alternatives to pesticides where these are available and feasible. He discusses integrated pest management, organic growing, safe use of pesticides, and biodiversity in the garden.

Managing Pest and Diseases is an essential reference book for all home gardeners, horticultural students, growers and garden centre staff.

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Author: Rob Lucas
Format: Flexibind
ISBN: 9781877333286
Pages: 400
Published: 2005
Size: 220 x 150 mm

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