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Living Big in a Tiny House

Exploring small-space design projects from New Zealand and around the world
Bryce Langston
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Many of us dream of having a life free from rent, mortgages and utility bills. For some, this can be achieved by living in a tiny house, which offers a low-cost, environmentally friendly path to home ownership.

The author of Living Big in a Tiny House, Bryce Langston, has developed a large international following for his YouTube series of the same name, and from this experience provides a fascinating insight into the rapidly growing, global, tiny-house movement. In this book he has collected a diverse range of examples that best illustrate innovative small-space design, along with the intriguing stories of their owners from here in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Living Big in a Tiny House is a must-have resource for anyone interested in living well with less, packed full of ideas and inspiration for any aspiring tiny-house owner.

about the author

Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist who has spent the past five years travelling the globe exploring the Tiny House movement as the creator and host of the popular online web series Living Big in a Tiny House.

Author: Bryce Langston
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780947503901
Published: November 2018
Size: 254 x 205 mm

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