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Keeping Your Children Safe Online

A guide for New Zealand parents
John Parsons
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Our children are being raised in a society that is radically different to that of just 20 years ago, as the internet has taken a central place in our lives, and with the virtually universal adoption of smart phones and computers by young people. This revolutionary and enormously disruptive technology has created a completely new set of challenges for parents, ones that are entirely different to those of a generation ago.

Keeping Your Children Safe Online addresses these challenges head-on. The author, John Parsons, is arguably the country’s leading authority on cyber safety for children. He works all over New Zealand with young people and their parents, showing them how they can stay safe in the online world. He also works as a consultant with the police, teachers and the health sector, and individually with children and their families to help them when things go wrong online.

John brings an unparalleled wealth of direct experience to this issue. He has used this to develop a toolbox of highly practical, realistic and effective strategies that enable both children and their parents to deal with the challenges of digital technology, such as maintaining oversight of your child in the digital world, establishing boundaries for acceptable use, and preventing online sexual predation, cyber bullying, and cyber crime. These strategies do not depend on technological know-how – rather, they simply require you to have a clear set of family values, and then to enable your child to broadcast these into the online world.

Keeping Your Children Safe Online is a hugely significant and ultimately empowering book that is essential reading for any modern parent.

Author: John Parsons
Format: Flexibind
ISBN: 9780947503444
Pages: approx 150
Published: August 2017
Size: 230 x 160 mm

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