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A Place for the Heart

The life and work of Dave Comer: Photographer and film location scout
Peta Carey
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Dave Comer was a highly respected and renowned photographer and film location scout, popularly known as ‘The man who found Middle Earth’ for his central role in finding what are now the world famous locations for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. He lived much of his life in and around Fiordland, New Zealand, photographing the region from the 1970s until he died in late 2014.

A Place for the Heart presents some of his most beautiful and compelling images, alongside the story of Dave’s life and work – from the early years jetboating in the Hollyford Valley, to his involvement in the helicopter venison industry, to over thirty years in the international film industry. Above all, A Place for the Heart tells of Dave’s deep understanding and love of Fiordland. 

Written by his wife Peta Carey, the narrative follows not only Dave’s life, but her own journey in making sense of his legacy.

A Place for the Heart is told through stories, letters and magnificent photography, and with a foreword by Sir Peter Jackson, offers a moving insight into one man’s lifelong connection and understanding of the New Zealand wilderness. 

Author: Peta Carey
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780947503406
Pages: 176
Published: October 2017
Size: 230 x 285 mm

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