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Rob Brown

Rob Brown is one of New Zealand’s leading landscape photographers and writers. The considerable weight and size of his pack is often noted by people who accompany Rob on his frequent trips into the backcountry. His pack is so heavy because on top of the necessary tramping gear and food, he always carries his large-format field camera and the requisite lenses and film. Now considered old technology, this camera has been one of the cornerstones of his career for it has enabled him to produce the remarkable, immensely detailed and beautifully lit photographs that so distinguish his work.

His photography has appeared in many publications, including three acclaimed books, Rakiura: The Wilderness of Stewart Island (2006), the Montana Award-winning Classic Tramping in New Zealand (2010) co-authored with Shaun Barnett, and New Zealand: The Essential Landscape (2011). His work also features in many calendars, including his own ‘Wild Landscapes’ calendar.

Rob Brown lives with his family in Wanaka.

Website:  Rob Brown
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