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Rahul & Alika Rai

Alika and Rahul Rai are typical parents whose focus has been on raising
great children, and their priority has been the family unit. They also have
careers, and their pay cheques go towards growing real assets, which has
brought them to a point of financial independence – from owning one
property 15 years ago, they now have multiple properties in four countries.
Their goal is to share their 15 years of experience and help others to
achieve total financial freedom, a strategy that is particularly relevant in
these turbulent economic times as the ‘buy and hold’ system does not
depend on the current market conditions.

Alika and Rahul also have an effective strategy for sharing their wealth
through perpetual philanthropy. The concept of this is that the eventual
mortgage-free rents of some houses will go to charities in New Zealand and

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