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Dr John Dawson

Dr John Dawson was Associate Professor of Botany at Victoria University until his retirement in 1988. Since then he has been undertaking botanical research in New Caledonia, exploring its botanical links with New Zealand and researching its largest plant family, Myrtaceae. He has formally described about a quarter of the c. 250 species of Myrtaceae in New Caledonia, has published two accounts of these and completed a third. John also runs extension courses on New Zealand native plants and guides groups around Otari Native Botanic Garden in Wellington. He is the author of many papers on aspects of New Zealand flora, in particular the Apiaceae, and several books, including Forest Vines to Snow Tussocks: The story of New Zealand plants (1988) and Seasons in the Forest (with photographs by Brian Enting, 1990). He lives in Wellington.

John Dawson and Rob Lucas are co-authors of the award-winning Nature Guide to the New Zealand Forest (2000), Lifestyles of New Zealand Forest Plants (1993), Lifestyles of New Zealand Coast and Mountain Plants (1996) and the Nature of Plants: Habitats, challenges and adaptations (2005).