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We Had One of Those!

The cars we drove during New Zealand's motoring heyday, 1950 - 1970
Stephen Barnett
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We Had One of Those! celebrates New Zealand’s motoring heyday, from the late 1940s through to 1970, with a selection of cars that Kiwis loved and drove during that period. Although these cars are no longer common on New Zealand roads, they are still held in fond regard, and this book is literally a nostalgic drive down memory lane.

The selection of some 40 cars is illustrated using the evocative artwork of sales brochures of the times. Accompanying the brochure artwork is information that mixes technical descriptions with social history and nostalgia. These are cars that we, or our parents and grandparents owned, cars with a gloriously wide-ranging diversity of design and mechanics – and idiosyncrasies.

The book showcases British marques and models such as Vanguards, Vauxhalls, Hillmans, Ford Zephyrs and Cortinas, and Minis; occasional ‘Yank tanks’ such as Chev Impalas and Ramblers; the Holden, of course; the odd uniquely Kiwi Trekka; and a touch of European exotic and luxury in the form of the Citroën DS and Fiat 850 Coupe.

We Had One of Those!, like the cars it features, is a classic and will proudly sit on the coffee table of car, design or nostalgia enthusiasts.

Author: Stephen Barnett
Format: Hardback PLC with dustjacket
ISBN: 9780947503116
Pages: 212
Published: October 2016
Size: 230 x 285 mm

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