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The Ultimate United States Road Atlas

The Ultimate United States Road Atlas

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An award-winning product, this atlas has everything you need to know and more for your United States adventure. More comprehensive than other map on the market, The Ultimate United States Road Atlas has seamless coast-to-coast mapping at an ideal driving scale of 1:1M, with major cities and the busy North-eastern Corridor insets at a detailed scale of 1:250K. With a 24 page traveller's guide that highlights popular tourist spots and the top 20 National Parks, you'll never be at a loss for information with this brilliant product.

  • Seamless coast-to-coast mapping
  • 50% more map pages
  • GPS compatible map grid
  • Extra maps to cover the dense North-eastern Corridor
  • 24-page traveller's guide
  • Index to over 34,000 cities & towns
  • Mileage chart
  • Distance map
Format: spiral bound
ISBN: 9781934006894
Pages: 224
Size: 276 x 389 mm

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