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Postcards from New Zealand

Bob McCree
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Though many have predicted it, postcards have not been killed off by the digital world and remain very popular with tourists. People still enjoy a straightforward, tangible portrayal of the places they visit and the things they do as tourists. Postcards from New Zealand aims to translate the popularity of postcards into book form with a range of postcard-type images that cover the visitor experience in New Zealand. The photographs in this book are appropriately diverse, with all of the key tourist destinations covered, as well as plenty more in-between. The pocket edition format has been a spectacularly successful part of Potton & Burton's pictorial New Zealand range, and Postcards from New Zealand will be another welcome addition to this series.

Author: Bob McCree
Format: Hardback with jacket
ISBN: 9781877517471
Pages: 140
Published: 2011
Size: 127 x 178 mm

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