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New Zealand: Untouched Landscapes

Petr Hlavacek
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Pocket Edition

New Zealand: Untouched Landscapes is a fresh and strikingly beautiful collection of landscape photographs that have been captured throughout the country by professional photographer, Petr Hlavacek. From our most iconic locations to harder-to-access and protected areas, New Zealand: Untouched Landscapes presents the pristine and diverse landscapes of this country, often from a new perspective.

Petr’s photography is motivated by the opportunity to promote greater public awareness of our fragile landscapes, a landscape he is passionate about protecting. Petr Hlavacek is an important new talent among New Zealand landscape photographers.

Author: Petr Hlavacek
Format: Hardback PLC with dustjacket
ISBN: Pkt 9780947503208
Pages: 164
Published: November 2016
Size: Pkt 127 x 178 mm

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