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New Zealand Landscapes (deluxe edition)

Andris Apse
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New Zealand Landscapes is a landmark publication devoted to the work of Andris Apse, New Zealand's pre-eminent panoramic landscape photographer. This new edition of what is now a best-selling classic has been completely revised and updated, and features over 100 of his best images patiently crafted during 30 years of work throughout New Zealand and the sub-Antarctic islands. All New Zealand's major landscape elements are represented in these photographs, with chapters on the coastline, lowland wilderness, pastoral land, the high country, mountains and islands.

Andris Apse was among the first in New Zealand to use modern wide-format panoramic cameras, and this book is an elegant illustration of how well this format portrays the expansiveness and sense of space that are such potent elements in the New Zealand landscape. These photographs also illustrate Andris Apse's mastery of the camera, built on his ability to combine a high level of technical understanding and skill with a strong aesthetic appreciation of the qualities of light and its play on the land.

This book is also available in standard and pocket editions.

Author: Andris Apse
Format: Clothbound hardback with slipcase
ISBN: 9781877333422
Pages: 120
Published: 1994, rev 2006
Size: 235 x 330 mm

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