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A cat. A mouse. A crossword clue
Sharon Murdoch
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Every morning, in a quiet corner of the kitchen, the puzzle page from the newspaper mysteriously appears beneath Munro the cat’s food bowl. Munro and Mouse ponder the clues. But they don't always come up with the right answers.

Munro is a collection of this crossword cat’s cartoons from Sharon Murdoch, New Zealand’s Cartoonist of the Year for the last three years. 

As author Elizabeth Knox says in her introduction, ‘Munro is a recognisable cat who does things familiar to cat owners: the fastidious washing between his toes, the determined sleeping in a tight ball, the turned-back and ears set at an irritable horizontal, upside down paper-shredding, and bristling displeasure. …The fact the cat reads, takes mice for rides, goes ice-skating, and that birds have bicycles, is the buoyant part of the art. The peculiar joy of it all!’

This delightful treasure of a book is a must for anyone who likes cartoons, cats, puzzles, animals or little worlds.


Author: Sharon Murdoch
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780947503758
Pages: 160
Published: September 2018
Size: 155 x 105 mm

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