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Ned Barraud
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Moonman has often wondered what the glowing blue globe is that he can see from his home on the moon. But when he hitches a ride on a passing shooting star, he finds a world on earth that is completely different to his own. Here he discovers trees and fields of flowers and the sea. The only problem is that Moonman has never before encountered daybreak, and with it the burning sun: he must get back to the moon.

Moonman is a visually stunning new children’s book from Ned Barraud, one of the rising stars in New Zealand children’s book illustration. This delightfully illustrated story will be sure to entrance any young reader.

Author: Ned Barraud
Format: Hardback or Paperback
ISBN: HB 9781927213285 ~ 9781927213278
Pages: 42
Published: Nov 2014
Size: 280 x 218 mm

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