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Whanganui Journey Map

Whanganui Journey Map

Whanganui National Park
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Edition 1 2014
Scale 1:50,000

The Whanganui River winds its way from the mountains to the Tasman Sea through countless hills and valleys. This journey lets you take a multi-day canoe or kayak trip to experience its most remote scenic beauty, history and cultural significance.

The Whanganui Journey passes through Whanganui National Park, in the south-west of the North Island, and is very accessible from State Highway 4 (SH4). Choose a 5 day journey from Taumarunui to Pipiriki (145 km), or a shorter, 3 day journey starting at Whakahoro (87 km), featuring the most scenic stretches of the river.


  • Taumarunui to Whakahoro 3D Map on Front - Whakahoro to Pipiriki 3D Map on reverse
  • 145 km and 203 rapids of grade 1 and 2 canoeing
  • Award-winning relief mapping
  • Printed on waterproof, durable, environmentally sustainable 'Rockstock' paper.
Author: Geographx
Format: Folded or Rolled
ISBN: Folded 9416458075452 ~ Rolled 9416458175459
Published: 2014
Size: 824 x 595 mm

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