Discover Canada travel guide

Discover Canada travel guide

2nd Edition
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Experience the best of Canada. This full-colour guide does the work for you - Lonely Planet's trademark expertise cuts straight to the must-see highlights of the country so no matter what your time frame or budget, you won't miss the best bits.

Canada is too polite to say so, but it’s got the goods: a trio of cultured cities in Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver; an epic amount of terrain to play on outside the urban areas; and a welcoming, progressive vibe throughout.

  • Hit the ski slopes at Whistler
  • Hike in Banff National Park
  • Marvel at Niagara Falls
  • Wander Québec’s Old Town
  • Dine out in historic Halifax

Coverage includes: Planning chapters, Vancouver, British Columbia, Banff National Park, the Canadian Rockies, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Quebec, Nova Scotia, In Focus and Survival Guide. 



Edition: 2nd edition, June 2014

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742205625
Pages: 384, full colour, 55 maps
Published: 2014
Size: 197 x 128 mm

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