Arizona, New Mexico & the Grand Canyon Trips

Arizona, New Mexico & the Grand Canyon Trips

1st Edition
Becca Blond
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Put yourself in the middle of your own road movie with these tailored trips. Look down – it's the epic Grand Canyon! Look up – it's the equally epic night sky! You've got 58 trips to choose from – so take off into one of the world's most mythical horizons.

  • Easy-to-use maps for every trip, plus driving times and directions
  • Local experts and celebrities share their favourite trip ideas
  • Day trips from Phoenix, Albuquerque and Santa Fe and longer trips ranging from two days to three weeks
  • Iconic Trips chapter covers must-do trips across the region
  • Family-friendly, pet-friendly and green-friendly listings throughout

Edition: 1st edition, Mar 2009
Next edition due: Mar 2013

Author: Becca Blond
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781741797299
Pages: 360, 24 colour, 67 maps
Published: 2009
Size: 197 x 128 mm

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