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Poems: 1962 - 2012
Sam Hunt
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Sam Hunt is New Zealand’s best-known and, arguably, best-loved poet. Since the publication of Doubtless: New and Selected Poems in 2008 (which has sold over 5000 copies), his career has been having a significant renaissance. He continues to regularly perform, has published a memoir, Backroads, a new collection of poems, Chords, had a feature documentary, ‘Purple Balloon’, go to general cinematic release, and collaborated with Dick Frizzell on a series of poem paintings.

Knucklebones: Poems 1962-2012 is the latest collection of Sam Hunt poems to be published. It is intended to replace Doubtless (now out of print) to ensure that a substantial collection of his poems remain available to the general reader.

Organised chronologically with a selection of poems from each of his published books, Knucklebones presents an outstanding collection of Sam Hunt’s work, that runs from the earliest poems that first made his name, through to poems written 50 years on in 2012.

Sam Hunt has had a remarkable and enduring career, and Knucklebones is a fitting tribute to the quality of his remarkable poems.

This is a salt river.
And the rain heavy.
We can hardly see the river.
We can’t see each other.

What life is
on the move, on a rained-out river –
you and me and salt river mist –
a lot like this.

Sam Hunt (from Five Knucklebones)

Author: Sam Hunt
Format: Hardback with jacket
ISBN: 9781877517716
Pages: 360
Published: Jul 2012
Size: 215 x 135 mm

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