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Homegrown Kitchen

Everyday recipes for eating well
Nicola Galloway
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Homegrown Kitchen is a complete guide to eating well for those who love to cook fresh food. Beginning with a comprehensive section on the kitchen essentials, including sourdough bread, home preserving and fermentation, the book is then divided into breakfast, lunch and main meal chapters, followed by a chapter on indulgent sweet treats.

Inspired by her large garden, Nicola Galloway creates food in rhythm with the changing seasons, with fresh homegrown and local produce forming the base of her recipes. With a young family, her food focus is on simple and delicious family-friendly recipes using pantry staples that are packed with nutrients. Nicola also has a particular interest in healthful traditional cooking techniques, such as sourdough bread and fermentation, and simplifying them so they can fit into our busy modern lives.

Author: Nicola Galloway
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780947503291
Pages: 316
Published: April 2017
Size: 254 x 205 mm

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"My cookbook collection is rather out of control, so not often do I get really excited about a new book. The arrival of Homegrown Kitchen by Nicola Galloway has has me energised to explore a raft of techniques and recipes in a way no other new wave of healthy, gut-friendly books has done... The background information is well researched and comprehensive - from the delights of stock, wholegrains, sourdough and fermentation to hints on stocking the pantry and a raft of helpful cooking tips. Nicola is not the slightest bit preachy, and her recipes are beautifully written and photographed by herself.” 

Lauraine Jacobs, The Listener food editor

"Nicola Galloway's Homegrown Kitchen is a rare delight: an elegantly produced, thoughtful and beautifully illustrated companion for any cook or gardener who wants to live well without depriving themselves of any of the good things in life. It's comprehensive without being preachy, offering sensible nutritional advice, healthy and hearty recipes and the benefit of 18 years of wholefoods experience. Oh, and it's gorgeous in every sense of the word. I'm glad she's taken this long to produce it; the wait was definitely worth it.” 

Lynda Hallinan, NZ Gardener editor-at-large + Sunday Star Times columnist

"More than just a cookbook, Nicola Galloway's well-produced volume offers great value because it's packed with lessons learned during 18 years of studying, teaching and fine-tuning her ideas about how to eat well. Want to make sourdough bread, kimchi-style kraut, wholegrain crackers or labneh? You'll find instructions in the book and, although you'll need time, the methods are simplified where possible. This is also a useful book for those with food sensitivities, it includes a guide to alternative grains, and gluten-free and dairy-free options are given.” 

Rosemary Barraclough - NZ House & Garden associate editor.

A selection of feedback from readers:

"I've just bought your beautiful cookbook and wanted to say thank you, this is without a doubt the best book I have ever bought. Hands down." Jess, via email

"I purchased your cookbook at the weekend and I am so thrilled! I can tell that it will be my 'bible' in the kitchen. I really appreciate your warm and friendly writing style, it is such an invaluable resource." Anna, via email.

"Loving your new cookbook, especially the section on sourdough. I have never dared to make a 'fancy' loaf that requires more than just a loaf tin to make. Your rustic overnight sourdough recipe was all the inspiration I needed. Baked and tasted it tonight and it is just superb! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wishing you every success." Angela, via Facebook

"Thank you so much for producing your gorgeous book. I totally love it. I have cooked this way for years and grow as much of our food as possible. I especially love all the reading in your book, the how you do it and why etc. I love getting a cup of tea and sitting down to study your book, it is something I look forward too every day." Nadine, via email

"I was really hoping not to love your book so I got it out from the library to flick through. What a beautiful book!! I have got so may recipe books, but will now have to buy this little gem to add to my collection and slowly work through it" - Melanie, via Instagram.