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Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas

Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas

Lynne Cox & Brian Floca
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Elizabeth was an elephant seal who decided to make her home in Christchurch’s Avon River. Here, she liked nothing more than hauling out onto its banks and basking in the sun in the middle of busy roads.

But after a car nearly hit Elizabeth, the people of Christchurch started to worry. Maybe she’d be better off with other elephant seals in the wide-open ocean, far away from the city …

The story of Elizabeth, and how she returned again and again to her chosen spot in the Avon River, and how she became beloved by the people of Christchurch, is an inspiring tale of one animal’s determination and love for a different kind of home.

about the authors

LYNNE COX is a legendary long-distance, open-water swimmer and the author of several books for adults, including two New York Times bestsellers: Swimming to Antarctica and Grayson. She has set records for swimming all around the world, and in 2000 she was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. This is her first children’s book. Lynne lives in Los Alamitos, California. Learn more at lynnecox.org.

BRIAN FLOCA is the author and illustrator of the Caldecott Medal winner and New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book Locomotive; Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11, a Robert F. Sibert Honor Book and a New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book; and Lightship, a Robert F. Sibert Honor Book and a Booklist Top of the List. He is also the illustrator of Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian Spring by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan, a Robert F. Sibert Honor Book and winner of the NCTE Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children. Brian lives in Brooklyn, New York. You can visit him online at brianfloca.com.

Author: Lynne Cox & Brian Floca
Format: Paperback or Hardback
ISBN: HB 9780947503277 ~ PB 9780947503284
Pages: 44
Published: October 2016
Size: 260 x 240 mm

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