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    Doubtless Doubtless Doubtless Doubtless


New and Selected Poems
Sam Hunt
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Old favourites and new poems from New Zealand's best-loved performance poet.

Sam Hunt is New Zealand's best-known poet. For almost 40 years he has been writing, reading and performing poetry, touring New Zealand constantly and reading his poems in pubs, theatres, schools and many other venues. No other poet in New Zealand has managed to make a living by performing their poems, and it says much about the affection with which Sam is regarded in New Zealand that he has continued to do this for so long.

Doubtless includes new work as well as a comprehensive slection of his best poems from the last 40 years, all of which are currently unavailable in print.

Go back to where it started
all day drinking in a far
north harbour pub; later
under a nearby boatshed
nailing a poem to that mad
old man of a grandfather.

He liked to think when he died
(which he did) his soul would stalk
the Hokianga bar
(which it does): and the Tasman
drumming, drumming on the bar.
He liked to think when he died

these things carry on. (And they did,
and do.) Just the way
he wanted them to

Sam Hunt

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Author: Sam Hunt
Format: Hardback with jacket
ISBN: 9781877333811
Pages: 264
Published: August 2008
Size: 215 x 135 mm

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