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Travel Journal (Lonely Planet)

1st Edition
Lonely Planet Publications
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Lonely Planet’s stationery selection continues to grow with this range of products developed by and for Lonely Planet’s global team of travel writers.

This journal, designed specially for the roving traveller, contains a mix of narrow-lined and blank pages to allow writing, jotting, sketching and noting. Other features include:

  • Durable, water-resistant cover
  • Lightweight and flexible for portability
  • Elastic band to hold pages closed
  • Back cover pocket for loose papers
  • Lay-flat binding

Edition: 1st edition, Nov 2017
Next edition due: Jul 2021


Author: Lonely Planet Publications
Format: Flexibind
ISBN: 9781786579393
Pages: 176
Published: November 2017
Size: 216 x 152 mm

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