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The Coastal Garden

The Coastal Garden is essential reading for gardeners, garden designers and for all of those interested in the protection of our threatened coastline.

The Coastal Garden

Design inspiration from wild New Zealand
Isobel Gabites
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The Coastal Garden is essential reading for gardeners and garden designers interested in native plants and wanting to reconnect with their location, using both plant and site knowledge to stimulate design and planting ideas. Landform, location, geology and life-forms are inextricably woven together into distinctive landscapes around New Zealand’s shores. Chapter by chapter, The Coastal Garden investigates these differing environments and draws on ecological knowledge to inspire designers. Not just information about individual species, but ideas about communities of plants and the conditions they are responding to.

Approaches to small gardens, large gardens and restoration projects along the coast vary, so there are tips for dealing with irrigation, nutrients and pests to suit plus a quick-reference plant identification section. There is a section devoted to colour palettes and textures of the native coast, and tips for hard landscaping and utility planting. The Coastal Garden is essential reading, not just for the enthusiastic gardener and professional landscape designer but also for all of those interested in the protection of our threatened coast.

Author: Isobel Gabites
Format: Flexibind
ISBN: 9781927213261
Pages: 300
Published: October 2015
Size: 230 x 205 mm

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