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Lonely Planet's Best Ever Video Tips

Lonely Planet's Best Ever Video Tips

Learn to shoot and share better travel videos
Lonely Planet Publications
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Video is a powerful vehicle for capturing our travel experiences. It’s an assault on the senses: image, movement and sound conspire to deliver to the viewer a vivid essence of place and time. This collection of more than 50 tips from film-industry insiders and social media experts will help you to shoot and share better travel videos – whether you’re wielding a DSLR, smartphone or tablet.

For the novice and experienced videographer alike, Lonely Planet’s pearls of wisdom on kit, techniques and editing will give you the skills to capture great moments on film and share them with the world.

Coverage includes: Before You Go, Technical Tips, Creative Tips, Editing Tips, Sharing Tips

Edition: 1st edition Dec 2015
Next edition due: Dec 2019

Author: Lonely Planet Publications
Format: Flexibound
ISBN: 9781743607589
Pages: 128 pp
Published: Dec 2015
Size: 95 x 165 mm

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