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New Zealand's Working dogs

The dominance of modern humans could have been in part a consequence of domesticating dogs...

New Zealand's Working dogs

Andrew Fladeboe
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Andrew Fladeboe came to New Zealand on a Fulbright scholarship to immerse himself in rural life and document the traditional New Zealand working dog. He travelled to numerous South Island stations and worked alongside farmers and their dogs. But through his time in New Zealand, Andrew discovered that the importance of working dogs wasn’t confined to the hard-working huntaways and collies of the sheep stations.

New Zealand’s Working Dogs branches out to document other significant roles that these creatures play in our lives, such as those affiliated with the police, airport security and customs, the Department of Conservation, and search and rescue teams. Andrew also experienced the unique relationships that dogs have when paired with the blind and immobile to greatly increase their quality of life.

Author: Andrew Fladeboe
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781927213483
Pages: 140
Published: September 2015
Size: 210 x 255 mm

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