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Light & Landscape

There is a thread of epic grandeur running through Andris Apse's photography – in his subject matter, in the mood and atmosphere he so consistently conjures up, and also in the heroic determination he has shown in the course of his career. Robbie Burton

Light & Landscape

The New Zealand photographs of Andris Apse
Andris Apse
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There is no other photographer in this country who has so convincingly captured the huge sweeping grandeur of the New Zealand landscape than Andris Apse. He was the first to realise the potential and then master the use of panoramic photography in this country. Famous for his determination and patience, he has spent decades travelling all over New Zealand gathering his carefully crafted images, often returning time and again to the same spot until the perfect combination of weather and light has yielded the photograph he wants.

Over the last 35 years Andris Apse has created an extraordinary body of work, whose scale, use of light and powerful mood has created a truly unique portrait of New Zealand. In Light & Landscape, the best of his New Zealand photography is masterfully presented in a superb, large-format book, reissued here without the original slipcase to enable a significant reduction in the retail price, making this edition accessible to a wide audience. The images range all over New Zealand and include both remote wilderness and the developed rural landscapes of New Zealand. This is a truly spectacular book from our pre-eminent panoramic landscape photographer.

Author: Andris Apse
Format: Std Hardback with dustjacket ~ Deluxe signed slipcase edition
ISBN: Std 9781927213735 ~ Deluxe 9781927213780
Pages: 152
Published: Std September 2015 ~ Deluxe November 2015
Size: 272 x 382 mm

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