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Nurturing Your Baby's Potential

From birth to 12 months: A guide for New Zealand parents
Nicola Woollaston
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Babies are bursting with potential. Each new experience and sensation stimulates their brain and provides pathways for future learning.

Interaction and play are the keys to maximising a baby’s learning potential in the first year, and Nurturing Your Baby’s Potential is the ideal resource for parents and caregivers. Written by experienced child and hospital play specialist and mother of four, Nicola Woollaston, it is an inspiring and practical, multi-level book that:

  • explains in clear language how babies develop in the first year: motor skills, social and emotional, language, cognitive and intellectual
  • offers more than 60 simple ideas and activities to stimulate children’s development and learning
  • presents the latest research into key aspects of child development in the first year

Colour-coded for easy reference, and illustrated with more than 200 photographs, Nurturing Your Baby’s Potential is essential reading for all parents, grandparents, caregivers and childcare professionals.

Author: Nicola Woollaston
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780947503222
Pages: 172
Published: November 2018
Size: 210 x 210 mm

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