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Taranaki Mount Egmont

Taranaki Mount Egmont

Ross Eden
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The majestic, near symmetrical cone of Taranaki/Mount Egmont rises from the gently rolling pasture of the North Island’s West Cape. As New Zealand’s most accessible mountain it proudly dominates the landscape, influences the province’s weather and provides an irresistible magnet for climbers.

A variety of climbing abounds on the upper slopes; from 10 metre crag climbs to classic winter alpine climbs on the rimed slopes. The mountain’s open terrain offers limitless variations in the trackless alpine areas.

This totally revised edition features 30 alpine routes and over 200 rock climbs, including a dozen newly developed crags. Skiing on the mountain is also covered. Complemented by over 70 photographs, photo-topos and maps, this guide also details Maori mythology, climbing history and the origins of place names. Climbs are conveniently arranged by road ends or climbing base huts and indexed for quick location. This authoritative guide is an essential resource for anyone wishing to explore Taranaki’s climbing bounty.

about the authors

Ross Eden grew up in Taranaki and, like many young people in the region, completed his first ascent of the mountain on a club open-climb while still a teenager. Since then he has climbed, skied and trekked all over Taranaki/Mt Egmont and many other mountains throughout New Zealand.

This is the fourth guidebook Ross has been involved with; the first in 1980, the next in 1985 and the third in 1995. Over the last 27 years he has put up over 20 new rock routes and completed over 250 ascents of the mountain, from all sides.

Ross still lives in New Plymouth, where he operates a mountain guiding company.

Author: Ross Eden
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780958242110
Pages: 160
Published: 2nd Edition - 2003
Size: 210 x 148 mm

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