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A Fork in the Road

A Fork in the Road

Tales of food, pleasure & discovery on the road
Edited by James Oseland
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Tales of food, pleasure & discovery on the road.

Join us at the table for this 34-course banquet of original stories from food-obsessed writers and chefs sharing their life-changing food experiences. The dubious joy of a Twinkie, the hunger-sauced rhapsody of fish heads, the grand celebration of an Indian wedding feast; the things we eat and the people we eat with remain powerful signposts in our memories, long after the plates have been cleared. Tuck in, and bon appetit!

Featuring tales from: James Oseland, Giles Coren, Curtis Stone, Annabel Langbein, Neil Perry, Tamasin Day-Lewis, Jay Rayner, Madhur Jaffrey, Michael Pollan, Francine Prose and more...

Edition: 1st edition, Nov 2013
Next edition due: Nov 2017 

Author: Edited by James Oseland
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781743218440
Pages: 304pp
Published: October 2013
Size: 197 x 128 mm

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