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50 Museums to Blow Your Mind

50 Museums to Blow Your Mind

1st Edition
Ben Handicott, Kayla Ryan
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Thank the stars for the world’s eccentric collectors; hoarders of objects beautiful, strange or downright odd. It is these documentors of the great and trivial – who want to show us all something wonderful about their collections and share the insights into humankind each of them illuminates – who have created the most fascinating, wonderful and precious museums the planet has to offer.

Boggle at the enormity of space, get nostalgic at childhood memories or be dumbstruck by the International Museum of Toilets..... Whether you’re a history buff, tech­head or have an inexplicable fascination with clowns, you’ll find world­class collections here to pique your interest.   Never drag your heels around a dull museum again!

Edition: 1st edition, May 2016
Next edition due: May 2020

Author: Ben Handicott, Kayla Ryan
Format: Flexibind
ISBN: 9781760340305
Pages: 128 full colour
Published: May 2016
Size: 120 x 178 mm

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