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Raise Your Child to Read and Write

A guide for New Zealand parents: from birth to seven years
Frances Adlam
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Educationalist and author Frances Adlam has vast experience in guiding parents to raise a child who thrives at reading and writing. Her approach is based on the simple, achievable concept that your child’s aptitude for learning to read and write at school is hugely shaped by the extent to which you talk and read with them, and also by engaging them in fun and creative play to encourage the mark-making that leads to writing.

Frances provides toolkits of key ideas to enhance this process, and to support your child to learn to read and write to the best of their ability. The book also explains how to work with children with learning differences, such as dyslexia.

Raising Your Child to Read & Write is an indispensable book for all parents who want to optimise their child’s learning and development.

Author: Frances Adlam
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780947503949
Pages: 204
Published: October 2018
Size: 210 x 170 mm

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