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the southern right whale
Ned Barraud
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A moving story of the near extinction and then revival of one of New Zealand's magnificent marine mammals, the southern right whale.  Once, the mighty tohora, or southern right whale, was a common sight in winter off the coast of Aotearoa.  But it proved to be an easy target for the 19th-century whalers, and was soon driven to the edge of extinction.  In the 20th century, however, it became a protected species, and once commercial whaling was virtually stopped, the souther right whale made a comeback.  Ned Barraud recounts this moving story in this beautifully illustrated book, a heartening and optimistic tale for every New Zealand child.

Author: Ned Barraud
Format: Hardback and Paperback
ISBN: 9781988550060 HB - 9780947503994 PB
Pages: 32
Published: October 2019
Size: 295 x 230 mm

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