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Mr Kiwi Has An Important Job

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Mr Kiwi Has An Important Job

Heather Hunt
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Job sharing is nothing new for kiwi.  For millions of years dedicated kiwi parents have worked together to successfully hatch their chicks.  Relative to their size, female kiwi produce one of the largest eggs in the world, and, after hatching, they are so exhausted they need to leave and rebuild their strength. This is when the male parent steps in.  His important job is to sit on the nest for around 80 days until the chick hatches.  With stunning illustrations to match her delightful story, Heather Hunt has produced another classic book about one of our best-loved birds.

Author: Heather Hunt
Format: Hardback and Paperback
ISBN: 9781988550053 HB ~ 9781988550046 PB
Pages: 36
Published: September 2019
Size: 250 x 300 mm

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