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The art of parenting
Peter Alsop & Nathan Wallis
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This is a book about community, about fostering the potential of children to boost New Zealand’s wellbeing. It’s a book of parenting ideas, shared by parents keen on growing the greater good. These parents challenged the norm – to keep parenting views to ourselves – and demonstrated that everyday parents have great ideas that should be shared.

Nurture links these generously-gifted ideas to key personal virtues for living a great life. The virtues – wisdom, courage, compassion, integrity, self-mastery and belief – stem from the field of positive psychology, the study of happiness and wellbeing. They are virtues to cultivate in children and, to support child development, develop in our communities, families and schools.

Illustrated throughout with beautiful photos from mid-century New Zealand, the linking of ideas with imagery invokes a head–heart response; a powerful invitation for reflection, learning and growth. By opening our hearts and minds to ideas – both sharing them and receiving them – we embrace a timeless truth: it takes a village to raise great children. Nurture invites us all to lead the way to a community and country of new possibility.

Author: Peter Alsop & Nathan Wallis
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780947503888
Pages: approx 184
Published: September 2018
Size: 220 x 170 mm

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