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Always Delicious

Favourite recipes from the New Zealand listener
Lauraine Jacobs
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Lauraine Jacobs is one of New Zealand’s leading food writers, best known for her long-running weekly food column in the New Zealand Listener.

In Always Delicious she has collected together over 100 of her favourite recipes, chosen from at least 700 that have featured in the column over the years. These are the recipes that superbly express her philosophy that food should be consistently delicious to eat, simple to make, and which highlight the best seasonal, fresh ingredients our country can offer.

Illustrated with beautiful photography from Liz Clarkson, this is an elegant, inspiring cookbook that deserves a place in every New Zealand kitchen.

‘Most importantly, I hope these recipes will have you energised to get into the kitchen, be excited about cooking and really enjoying delicious food.’

Author: Lauraine Jacobs
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780947503833
Pages: 236
Published: September 2018
Size: 254 x 185 mm

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